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Next stop Lyon | Authentic Lyon dishes X crepes


As any local knows, good food has never been an issue in Lyon. Hailed as the food epicentre in France, Lyon’s food is diverse in ingredient and high in quality.

The trip to Lyon was a plan for visiting a good friend Jess who is a local; we couldn’t have found such an authentic food without her.  Jess led us on a Rue des 3 Maries where pop-out restaurants and bakeries are filling up along the pebble road; Aux Trois Maries is locating conspicuously in the middle of the road. The rustic façade in red brimming with French vibe caught my eyes at once. Aux Trois Maries is a traditional small but well-decorated French restaurant serving delicacies with affordable price. You don’t want to miss their famous Salad Lyonnaise when you get to eat in, which is a gigantic portion stacked by a bunch of mixed salad and bacons, top with bread crumbs and an over-easy egg.  But I have to be honest, a salad seems quite tedious for either lunch or dinner for me, that’s why I always go for meat dishes and of course they are provided on the menu and most of them are divine. The Pavé d’agneau en croûte et son jus au romarin (Piece of lamb coated with breadcrumbs with rosemary juice) I ordered keeps me reminiscing until now. Not to mention the crunchy crust French staple crème brulee as dessert.

Before the wine and saucisson time, we had a causal bite in La Crêperie de Grancy sinceit wouldn’t count as a visit to Lyon without having crepes right? Plus of course, I am crazy about crepes, but only the savoury one. Most Lyonnais crepes are opened in a square shape where you can see the ingredients inside.  A top tips for having crepe is to stay simple; even if you can add all the ingredients into one crepe you want to pick the most comment one and don’t take more than three in one. My preference always goes to blue cheese and mushroom top with an egg.

By Jennifer Chan



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