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Top 3 Bubble teas in London

It may be rather hard to fall in love at first sight when you come across bubble tea, after all the black balls at the bottom always scares people away. However, those intimidating black spheres are nothing but tapioca pearls. This sweet milky tea, which blend with tea, milk, sugar, and giant black tapioca pearls, … Continue reading

Burger vs. Bun

Unsurprisingly, when burger and bun comes together it must be intimating a comparison between Western and Oriental diet. These two poles of East and West representative that hooked people up until nowadays reflects an ideologically of two integrally different diet habit – Wrapping and Stacking. Wrapping is a good way to knead contrast ingredients into … Continue reading

Japanese Food Ultimate – Decoben デコ弁当

From Ukiyo-e to origami, Japanese rated as the most monomania nationality; even for a tiny lunch box has to be fully decorated. Bento “弁当” is the word for packed lunch in Japan, especially for school lunch. Whereas decoben”デコ 弁当”(abbreviation of “decorated-bento”), which usually a complex of rice, meat and vegetable, is a mutation of bento … Continue reading

揭開滿清紫禁城飲食的神秘面紗 Unveiling the emperor diet in the Forbidden City

讓我們回到289年前的中國清朝。今天是1723年的1月10日中午約兩點鐘。在養心殿的乾隆皇帝正準備用膳, 一個由十五道菜組成的奢華晚餐。這十五道菜主要包括雞, 鴨, 豬, 牛, 羊, 燕窩及鹿尾巴; 另加傳統的滿州菜色, 例如一眾烤肉和煙熏肉類, 再以酒下肚。十五個侍從正從御膳房順序地傳召出每道菜, 小心翼翼的按照皇帝先前定下的次序, 把菜餚整齊排列在細緻的御用漆木長檯上, 亂一不可。 貼身太監隨即把一根小銀針插進每道菜中測毒, 以防食物被落毒, 危害皇帝安全 (在中國歷史上已有近十一位皇帝死於人為的食物中毒)。 但這還未夠。 在皇帝起筷前, 太監還要親嘗每一道菜, 以再三確定食物的純潔。晚餐這才正式開始。 不同顏色的盛器有系統地排列在桌上, 每個人都清楚自己的位置: 皇室人員的盛器呈紅色、文武百官的盛器呈綠色而其餘的則用白色。至於菜式上也極為講究及嚴謹。 每道菜都十分嚴格地規定至必需要包含五穀及五味, 也即是甜、酸、苦、辣、咸, 以達致中國哲學最尊崇的「和諧」之境。 這不是虛構故事, 而是根據自乾隆年間的《江南节次照常膳底档》的真實記載。皇帝要在一日兩餐內攝取所需營養 (分別自清晨六至八時的早餐, 以及在正午至下午二時的晚餐); 而藥膳則用予刺激腸胃運動, 腎臟功能及胃口培養; 起著減低內熱, 化痰, 滋養身體, 以及最重要的延長壽命之用。 自滿清滅亡後, 紫禁城中門大開, 御膳飲食亦由宮內傳到平民手中。 而由最少108道菜及44道甜點所成組成的滿漢全席, 需要三整天才能完成, 可以說是中國最傳統而仍然流傳至今的宮廷料理。 Let us travel back to 289 years ago in the Qing dynasty … Continue reading

The anatonmy of taste

“To loathe the taste, of sweetness, whereof a little More than a little is by much too much.” – William Shakespeare (King Henry IV, Part I) Have you ever wondered how come the love for food varies among us? Some people born to be a foodie and some just couldn’t care less about food? The … Continue reading

Mini food to fill your massive desire

A completely coveting salivating pastries, certainly appetizing, but does it looks a bit too good to be real? Stop squinting because truly, it isn’t. This lovely meal is a work from milky moca’s Kitchen, an Japanese Miniaturist, who has the skills to knead an entire dish that can be holding on your thumb. As well … Continue reading

The art of eating fries

It is not only in America that fried potatoes strips have a French insinuation, but most European and Asian counties also name it French fries. In France they are called “pommes frites”, in England they are called “chips,”, and in Belgium they are called “patat”. There are ways to name this worldwide fast food staple, … Continue reading

London food market protest: Who says British don’t care about food?

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when I was browsing around Spitalfields market with my friends, we found ourselves lost in the thriving food stalls and pop-up restaurants as they all look fascinating. At that moment I realized no matter how perfect your shopping plan was, you will end up eating around or trying out … Continue reading

The best food for feet fetishes

Chicken feet may be unacceptable within Western diet as Western people often spooked by its repulsive and disturbing looks, it is however a delicacy for most Asian people especially Chinese. This staple can be found at every corner in China and served in every possible way: from steaming on a posh dining table, to shelved … Continue reading

British Full Breakfast v.s All American Breakfast

Every British fancy a sizzling fry-up full English breakfast in the morning, especially in a hangover one. Generally speaking, the components of a regular size full English breakfast include: two poached or scrambled eggs and grilled back bacons; one each of grilled sausage, hash brown, black pudding, mushroom and tomato; two spoons of baked beans … Continue reading

A little tale about toast

“No matter how bad things get, it’s impossible not to love someone who made you toast. Once you’ve bitten through that crusty surface to the soft dough underneath, and tasted the warm salty butter, you’re lost forever.” – Toast (2010) Indeed, bread and butter is a blessing for human. The satisfaction that burst out when … Continue reading

Daring dessert adventure

Many people winkle their nose at food with weird name or when the food is made out of organs. They sound weird to us simply because we’ve never came across them. To embolden our sense for food, let’s start with a rather appealing type of food – dessert. Spotted Dick Spotted dick is one of … Continue reading

Food formula

When you are eating sandwich, have you ever questioned why the ham and cheese can be neatly stacked on each other with toast bread?  You may not discover that every single ingredient is existing for one another in order to make it function. If you are paying attention, you will find traces laying around that … Continue reading

London coffee legacy

For habitual coffee drinkers in a hustling morning in London, squeezing out a cloned coffee chain shop with sipping a hot espresso on their hands is a common routine just to freshen up for another working day. Over time London coffee was portrayed as dull and cultureless to the point that some may even say … Continue reading

Christmas turkey ritual

Every great recipes start with great ingredients. Selecting for a perfect turkey for Christmas dinner usually sounds a bit daunting when you are facing a rack full of wide range of turkeys. Versions of how to select turkey are all around for example one should think about what kind of turkey you actually want (Frozen … Continue reading


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