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Eat around the world | Swiss Alps

Swiss are all fortunate; they born and live in a paradise, a world oasis, not only of political neutrality, but also of locally grown foods ad clearest air.  I remember breathing in the crisp mountain air and letting the chill wind swiped across my cheeks when my friend drove us over Alps Mountain. Although the … Continue reading

Eat around the world | Stratford upon Avon

Tempted by the legend poet Shakespeare traces, I made my way to the well-preserved medieval town Strafford upon Avon where he was born and raised last Saturday. The loveliest little cottage of his birthplace looks particularly attractive under stack of snow adorned by the nature. Walking along the main street you can find an array … Continue reading

The Temptation of Frying

Few years ago GlobalPost’s list nominated ‘World’s 10 Fattest Countries’ based on a statistic by World Health Organization. Depicted in the article the obese ‘eat until they can’t breathe’. ‘World’s 10 Fattest Countries’ respectively: American Samoa, Kiribati , United States, Germany, Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, New Zealand, Israel, Croatia, and the United Kingdom. The phenomenon … Continue reading

Next stop Oslo | stay with sandwiches in Norway

Lucky enough to have our Norwegian friends leading us the way in capital Oslo, I experienced the most authentic way of diet in Norway. Despite their craves for lamp (Smalahove) and salmon, one of a noticeable Norwegian diet customary goes to their insistence of open sandwich. Unlike most of the sandwich around Europe, Norwegians treat … Continue reading

Next stop Lyon | Authentic Lyon dishes X crepes

As any local knows, good food has never been an issue in Lyon. Hailed as the food epicentre in France, Lyon’s food is diverse in ingredient and high in quality. The trip to Lyon was a plan for visiting a good friend Jess who is a local; we couldn’t have found such an authentic food without her.  … Continue reading

Next stop Barcelona | Best paella in Restaurante Portonovo

It was a lovely warmly autumn when I was roaming in Barcelona under sunshine. After the city walk for all the Gaudi tourist attractions, our empty stomachs directed us back to Plaça d’Espanya from the National Art Museum of Catalonia for a gluttony. Without doing any homework on authentic restaurant nearby, we could not but … Continue reading

A Craving for Cupcakes

As any local and tourist know, delicate dessert has never been an issue in London. Cupcake is particularly one of the most favourite since infinite creativity can be applied in such a little cup and evolves into variety of forms. Cupcakes were no more popular during that time period then they are today, thanks to … Continue reading

與意大利廚師David Raddi會面 Interview with Jamie Oliver’s chef David Raddi

世界名廚篇 | 與意大利廚師David Raddi會面 第一次與意大利廚師David Raddi見面是在他家的廚房, 好客的David還主動提議為我們準備晚餐。坦然, 在跟他訪談前我還不知他的利害。八年前赤手空拳來到倫敦發展, 先後在Union Jacks及Chiswick 當廚師, 及後更躋身一級大廚Jamie Oliver 在Convent Garden的分店當廚師。為了圓當老闆夢, 最近他致力著手於自己的廚藝及為其品牌Passion A&F (Art and Food)作宣傳, 在倫敦的Broadway market美食市場開始。 當晚David準備了煙三文魚Bruschetta及三文魚加伏特加長通粉作晚餐。David煮菜時還不忘有講有笑, 動作生動有趣, 有他在場的廚房霎時間生動起來。問及他對意大利菜的心得, 他說: 意大利菜重點是簡單, 懂得把上好的材料揉合混用才是關鍵, 要爽要快。難得大廚David百忙中抽空完成訪問, 還現場展示好手勢, 機會實在可遇不可求。  你的廚師路是從那裡開始的? 當我還很小時, 家父經常帶著我到一家比薩店Pipina跟幾個好友定期會面, 玩牌喝咖啡。我對煮食的興趣來自有一次家父與餐廳老闆Enzo問的玩笑, 要我使盡渾身解數, 觸碰吧檯邊緣, 我最後做到了。莫名其妙地, 那是我對煮食產生興趣的觸發點。從此我開始向Enz拜師學藝, 奠定了畢生興趣。 請簡介一下你在倫敦當廚師的背景? 幸運地家祖父及家父都善於守獵, 而家母又煮得一手好菜, 這提供了先天環境讓我得以站在一旁學習。在為Enzo工作了一段時間後我轉到 Mandrillo餐館工作。在2003年完成一個地區性的烹飪課程後, 我開始在不同的意大利餐館工作。後於2005年決定到倫敦尋找新挑戰。 為何選擇倫敦? 這純粹是因為我喜歡這個地方。這是一個活力十足而充滿無窮啟發力及趣味的地方。並不是我不喜歡意大利, 只是我希望能夠把我的廚藝帶到世界, 而倫敦是一個不二之選。 甚麼是作為一位廚師必具的特質? 我會說是熱誠。任你廚師再好, 你必需要喜歡食物, 尊敬食物。我十分享受煮食的過程, 從準備到完成, … Continue reading

Hong Kong special waffles

Craving for a bite-size exotic street food for your sweet tooth? Here we bring you a great choice far from Hong Kong, a special kind of egg waffle – Gai Daan Jai 雞蛋仔(literally means little eggs).  This lovely appearance in bulging egg shape waffles is a sweet batter grilled in a special egg shape mould … Continue reading

Food in Winter Wonderland vs. Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival 2012

Christmas is the best season for London foodies! The biggest annual Christmas market Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park that has opened for public on 23rd of November, alongside with the opening of Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival opened on the 14th of December aside Thames River, are brimming with fantastically festive food and drink. Walking in … Continue reading

Zoom-in Singapore food – Hainanese Chicken Rice

If you are trying to take away a Hainanese Chicken Rice in Hainan, which you may think it makes the most sense, you may be disappointed by their own type of Chicken rice, which is literally plain Chicken breast on top of white rice; this should never be what you expect. The real authentic Hainanese … Continue reading


A three days marathon foodie event “Taste of Christmas 2012”at ExCel London has came to an end yesterday, swept away the public attention. A complex of food ingredients, products, beverages, festival decorations, kitchenware and feathered celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Ben Tish and Jun Tunaka, the event offers visitors the most authentic British Christmas … Continue reading

Do you know how oriental diet treats their eggs?

Fried, Scrambled, steamed, poached…getting tired of these daily type of eggs? Then steel yourself and prepare for the top 3 strangest egg delicacies we bring you here from the bravest Oriental diet. Probably the prettiest among the three of them, the Marbled Red Vinasse Egg is a Chinese staple way of submerging eggs especially popular … Continue reading

Sainsbury’s vs. Tesco

To choose a side, the best bargain is what keeps your loyalty. Both Sainsbury’s and Tesco are offering a lowest price promotion to stay in the fight, Tesco’s Price Promise compares the price against Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. If one could have bought the same product cheaper in the rival supermarkets, a voucher up to … Continue reading

Top 3 life-prolonging Korean cuisines in London

Recently scientists are starting to believe that Korean cuisine is beneficial for life-prolonging. Aside from the fact that Korean cuisine has bred Korean into a non-obese nation where Korean meal contains 13% less fat than those found in American and European diet, Korean cuisine are also preventing cardiovascular diseases and anti-carcinogenic due to the high … Continue reading

Top tips for Oriental Hotpot

Imagine setting in a circle with a bunch of strangers surrounding a cauldron of spoiling soup on a table full of wired looking ingredients. With all the chopsticks stirring at the same time in the same pot, who guarantee you won’t have serious diarrhoea afterwards? Therefore you must be fearless to have hotpot; it is … Continue reading

Food in written words

A new term Food Porn emerged in 1984 in a book Female Desire depicting visual food presentation, which arouses desire or impulsion to have the food as a substitute for sex. But food not only make one salivate in visual; the same theory as porn, food appears as vivid as visual presentation on literature as … Continue reading

Do you know the truth behind whittening food products?

White coffee Originated from Malaysia, white coffee is a product only baked from coffee beans without caramel;   therefore it is higher in caffeine than normal coffee. The semantic of the name may mislead you to believe the coffee is in ivory in colour or rich in milk; however, it appears usually in light brown or … Continue reading

Top 3 Bubble teas in London

It may be rather hard to fall in love at first sight when you come across bubble tea, after all the black balls at the bottom always scares people away. However, those intimidating black spheres are nothing but tapioca pearls. This sweet milky tea, which blend with tea, milk, sugar, and giant black tapioca pearls, … Continue reading

Burger vs. Bun

Unsurprisingly, when burger and bun comes together it must be intimating a comparison between Western and Oriental diet. These two poles of East and West representative that hooked people up until nowadays reflects an ideologically of two integrally different diet habit – Wrapping and Stacking. Wrapping is a good way to knead contrast ingredients into … Continue reading


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