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Next stop Oslo | stay with sandwiches in Norway


Lucky enough to have our Norwegian friends leading us the way in capital Oslo, I experienced the most authentic way of diet in Norway. Despite their craves for lamp (Smalahove) and salmon, one of a noticeable Norwegian diet customary goes to their insistence of open sandwich. Unlike most of the sandwich around Europe, Norwegians treat their sandwich as bruschetta or tapas, ingredients are more like toppings than filling. Thanks to our friend Jørgen, not only did we dig out a lot of less touristy-aimed places, but discovered some low-key yet amazing restaurants within merely four days.

Keen eyes will pick out the rustic The Broker restaurant subtly locating on Oslo’s best-known posh shopping street Bogstadveien, contrasting an array of high-end brands stores. A stay at The Broker is akin to dine in an old British pub back in London as every Britain details are weaved into the interior – the lacquered walls, chandeliers, stained mirrors and dark red coaches. But people visit the place for food, especially the legendary open sandwiches and burgers since they are on every single table as I look around.

Just right in front of me was a waiter handing a tantalizing sandwich to a patron; that seems like a simple recipe of two slices of sourdough top with grill chicken and mushrooms, avocados and rockets, but that was the sandwich where I experienced love at first bite. The sourdough is chewy enough to perfectly match the tender chicken wedge, and buttery mushrooms are also scrumptious with the mashed avocado. Having the sandwich is quite a dilemma since it is too delicious to gulp down quickly, yet you cannot stop but eat like a glutton. The only certain is the relish stays until now.

By Jennifer Chan



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