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Next stop Barcelona | Best paella in Restaurante Portonovo


It was a lovely warmly autumn when I was roaming in Barcelona under sunshine. After the city walk for all the Gaudi tourist attractions, our empty stomachs directed us back to Plaça d’Espanya from the National Art Museum of Catalonia for a gluttony. Without doing any homework on authentic restaurant nearby, we could not but only referenced on what Tripadvisor suggested, and prepared to fall into a tourist trap. Ranked at top 3, Restaurante Portonovo located on Carrer de la Creu Coberta turned out to be a truly recommendable place for paella. Brimming with Galician vibe by hanging all the ham and dried meats in rustic interior, the place is not at all touristic but attended mainly by locals.

Me and my friends each ordered a dish of seafood paella and side with Pa amb tomáquet, the dishes served into one big pan, which is more catering to a group since we can share(to most of you may know sharing is part of the fun). Judging by the appetizing colour and the salivating smell of the dish, we started digging into the rice dish before even touching the starters; I must say that’s the most delicious paella I’ve ever had. Seafood is full of the dish even more then the rice at its best; fresh mussel, chewy squid and meaty shrimp. The portion is huge that not even there of us can finish the whole dish. But the best part is yet to come. While we were deciding on the dessert, an amiable waiter came to us holding three shots on his hands with only spirit in it, you bet, there is a wine trail for after-meal! I couldn’t remember all the name of the spirits but I couldn’t forget the tangy and thick coffee liquor. They were all worth bottomed up.

By Jennifer Chan



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