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A Craving for Cupcakes

cupcakesAs any local and tourist know, delicate dessert has never been an issue in London. Cupcake is particularly one of the most favourite since infinite creativity can be applied in such a little cup and evolves into variety of forms. Cupcakes were no more popular during that time period then they are today, thanks to some propaganda back into 2000’s where Magnolia Bakery gained publicity by appearing on the popular TV series such as HBO’s Sex and the City, cupcakes have gone gourmet associating with playful, hip and glamorous. As being the international food epicenter, delicate cupcakes are everywhere in London.

Bake-a-boo – Walking into the shop you can sense a blow of sweetness and happiness brimming in the interior just as walking into a little girl’s bedroom filled with fairy-tale fantasy and whimsy. Delicate cupcake matched with a bewildering array of mesmerizing paper cups conjures up little girl’s dream to every visitor. Bake-a-Boo, 86 Mill Lane NW6 1NL

Bea’s of Bloomsbury– This cafeteria is renowned for the hygienic diet environment where it is said that their plate is always spotless and polished. Their cupcakes are relatively subtle but still tantalizing with the icing decoration where people visit here are looking for the taste of the cupcake beyond the appearance. Rum Truffle Cupcake for example is one of the best. Bea’s of Bloomsbury, 44 Theobalds Rd, WC1X 8NW

Crumbs & Doilies – Have you ever imagine how  far cupcake can reach when a bunch of them get together? This is the exact selling point of Crumbs & Doilies – Wedding cake made out of cupcakes. A bracket containing eight levels placing with a hundred themed cupcakes, this lovely idea is perfect for wedding not only does it look spectacular, but is highly convenience  as you can tidily take away as much portion as you wish. Crumbs & Doilies ,C&D Covent Garden, Thurs & Fri 11am-7pm, East Piazza, Covent Garden. London WC2E

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