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Eat around the world | 沿路 “誘食”篇

Eat around the world | Swiss Alps


Swiss are all fortunate; they born and live in a paradise, a world oasis, not only of political neutrality, but also of locally grown foods ad clearest air.  I remember breathing in the crisp mountain air and letting the chill wind swiped across my cheeks when my friend drove us over Alps Mountain. Although the curvy highway made me nauseous but the Swiss liqueur chocolate that I bought on the way up raised the memory.

Thanks to my friend Marc and his father’s hospitality we experienced the way Swiss eat and live. Listening to the cows grazing peacefully on evergreen fields with their bells ringing, it is a perfect area for an outdoor breakfast with a cherry jam Zopf and a cup of hot chocolate. Attributing to the dairy business run by the locals, cheeses in the borough are distinctive. Most of which are savoury and dense, but not very sharp. The soft core wrapped with crusty surface Swiss bread also cannot be missed. That’s why even for a simplest ham and cheese sandwich tastes heavenly. Yet, the best Swiss dieting experience goes to the Fondue.

Kindly prepared by Marc’s father, this mixture of soft Gruyere, sharp Emmenthaler cheeses and dry white wine in a caquelon(Swiss ceramic pot) is probably the most authentic cuisine we’ve had during the trip, since this traditional Swiss dish is originated exactly from the Alps near the area. Only sturdy bread with crust robust crumb goes into the cheese. We also learnt that before dipping into the cheeses magma, a little soak up in a spirit lights up the taste.

Following the marvellous dinner is their customary wine time for rounding up the day and in the morning, a cup of chocolate is Marc’s father daily morning routine before his way to lumbering. With a life like this, what else can you ask for?

By Jennifer Chan



3 thoughts on “Eat around the world | Swiss Alps

  1. Magnificent! I can’t get enough of Switzerland. You are tempting me to go back soon.

    Posted by gotasté | January 5, 2013, 9:25 am

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