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Eat around the world | 沿路 “誘食”篇

Eat around the world | Stratford upon Avon


Tempted by the legend poet Shakespeare traces, I made my way to the well-preserved medieval town Strafford upon Avon where he was born and raised last Saturday. The loveliest little cottage of his birthplace looks particularly attractive under stack of snow adorned by the nature. Walking along the main street you can find an array of restaurants and little cafés on the side on Henley Street waving hands to you to spend money in. One of which caught my eyes with the tall scones in the window display and I was completely flipped out by its charm and ordered two pastries at once, it was Hobsons Patisseries. How can a scone be tall? Of course it can when you stuff it with layers of whip cream and Jam. Oh yes, that tall scone is just like a breathtakingly pretty girl enticing without a necessity to speak a word. That was the reason the store is always full of tourist and local throughout the year.

After running through all the attractions I walked back to downtown from the loveliest Anne Hathaway cottage with my mind full of succulent pub burger.  The Rose&Crown was the best choice especially with the best astrosphere during Christmas. I assure you that classic pub burger I ordered was one of the tastiest I can remember, looks and tastes exactly what I expected a classic British pub burger should be. I couldn’t help but wonder, with using the same ingredients – a thick burger, grill mushrooms, onions, a back bacon and a fried egg, how can it tastes such differently from a regular wetherspoon pub in London?

By Jennifer Chan



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