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Hong Kong special waffles

Craving for a bite-size exotic street food for your sweet tooth? Here we bring you a great choice far from Hong Kong, a special kind of egg waffle – Gai Daan Jai 雞蛋仔(literally means little eggs).  This lovely appearance in bulging egg shape waffles is a sweet batter grilled in a special egg shape mould griddle that needs to be served hot and eat immediately. Invented in 50’s in Hong Kong, the special waffles can be found at every corner in Hong Kong as the longest standing popular street food that capture most of the Hong Kong’s people heart on street.

The secret recipe is translucent: use best eggs and eat while it is hot, best eating right after got out of the mould. This is the only way to have the extraordinary experience of biting into the distinct texture between the golden crispy crusts with inner softness.

Originally, the Egg Waffle is to make use of cracked eggs. A Hong Kong grocery shop’s owner made an attempt to add sugar, flour and milk to batter the eggs, poured them into a honeycomb mould griddle to cook into a waffle. Up until today, this original formula has developed into an array of different flavours including chocolate, honey, peanut, coconuts, strawberry, black sesame, etc.

Londoners are lucky enough to have the special Hong Kong waffles landed in the capital. The one and only egg waffles stall in Chinatown is selling warm waffles everyday at the corner of Gerrard Place and Newport Place in China Town, right outside New China Gate Supermarket. The sweet cake aroma is brimming all around the stall and I am afraid no one could resist giving it a try.



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