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Eat around the world | Swiss Alps

Swiss are all fortunate; they born and live in a paradise, a world oasis, not only of political neutrality, but also of locally grown foods ad clearest air.  I remember breathing in the crisp mountain air and letting the chill wind swiped across my cheeks when my friend drove us over Alps Mountain. Although the … Continue reading

Eat around the world | Stratford upon Avon

Tempted by the legend poet Shakespeare traces, I made my way to the well-preserved medieval town Strafford upon Avon where he was born and raised last Saturday. The loveliest little cottage of his birthplace looks particularly attractive under stack of snow adorned by the nature. Walking along the main street you can find an array … Continue reading

Next stop Oslo | stay with sandwiches in Norway

Lucky enough to have our Norwegian friends leading us the way in capital Oslo, I experienced the most authentic way of diet in Norway. Despite their craves for lamp (Smalahove) and salmon, one of a noticeable Norwegian diet customary goes to their insistence of open sandwich. Unlike most of the sandwich around Europe, Norwegians treat … Continue reading

Next stop Lyon | Authentic Lyon dishes X crepes

As any local knows, good food has never been an issue in Lyon. Hailed as the food epicentre in France, Lyon’s food is diverse in ingredient and high in quality. The trip to Lyon was a plan for visiting a good friend Jess who is a local; we couldn’t have found such an authentic food without her.  … Continue reading

Next stop Barcelona | Best paella in Restaurante Portonovo

It was a lovely warmly autumn when I was roaming in Barcelona under sunshine. After the city walk for all the Gaudi tourist attractions, our empty stomachs directed us back to Plaça d’Espanya from the National Art Museum of Catalonia for a gluttony. Without doing any homework on authentic restaurant nearby, we could not but … Continue reading


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