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Oriental Diet

Do you know how oriental diet treats their eggs?

Oriental eggsFried, Scrambled, steamed, poached…getting tired of these daily type of eggs? Then steel yourself and prepare for the top 3 strangest egg delicacies we bring you here from the bravest Oriental diet.
Probably the prettiest among the three of them, the Marbled Red Vinasse Egg is a Chinese staple way of submerging eggs especially popular during the Chinese New Year season as egg symbolises fertility and red colour brings luck. The red colour patterns came from the red wine when the eggs were soaking them up through cracks, represents the primitive beauty of Chinese art in food.

Balut, a fertilized duck embryo egg, is apparently one of the most bizarre delicacy that fairly common in Vietnam and Philippines; they usually eaten with salt, lemon juice, pepper, and mint leaves. The whole body of the embryo duck that immersing in amniotic fluid would be exposed including all the vines, bones, beak and feathers after you peel off the shell. You should then slurp it right from the shell before digging into the embryo. For the local, it is considered a natural appetizer.
Also known as “Century egg”, the black preserved egg is one of a host of popular throughout China as a cold pungent appetizer. This duck egg should not be as old as they sound but they taste just like it, where it determines rather you love it or you hate it for the rest of your life. The egg is making international headlines recently as it was ranked at top in the article “The most ‘revolting’ food I’ve had is…” from CNN iReport. “It’s awful — it tastes like the devil cooked eggs for me,” said iReporter Danny Holwerda after having his first bite. Preserved egg may be notorious in Western diet but it is everywhere in Eastern recipe. They can be eaten in chopped pieces mix with chilled tofu; sliced pieces on silken tofu and top with shredded young ginger; or mixed in handy rice porridge.

Judging by how they look I wouldn’t be surprised if they grossed you out but please bear in mind – Oriental style of egg to Western culture is just the same as fermented milk products such as cheese or yogurt to Eastern people.

By Jennifer Chan



4 thoughts on “Do you know how oriental diet treats their eggs?

  1. Century old egg yolk sort of tastes like the blue veins in blue cheese don’t you to think?

    Posted by iheartcabramatta | December 10, 2012, 11:15 am
  2. I can eat century eggs in small amount but the balut turns me off completely.

    Posted by gotasté | December 22, 2012, 4:56 am
  3. there is another favorite over here which is the salted egg. made from duck eggs.

    Posted by gotasté | December 22, 2012, 4:57 am

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