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Top 3 life-prolonging Korean cuisines in London

bibimbRecently scientists are starting to believe that Korean cuisine is beneficial for life-prolonging. Aside from the fact that Korean cuisine has bred Korean into a non-obese nation where Korean meal contains 13% less fat than those found in American and European diet, Korean cuisine are also preventing cardiovascular diseases and anti-carcinogenic due to the high vegetable and low meat  consumption. In the inside Korean are more likely to have stronger bones due to the isoflavones from beans and mushrooms in their daily meals; on the outside it may be obvious enough that Korean people tends to have healthier skin since there are lesser amounts of preservatives. Kimchi (김치), which cannot miss on a meal table, is the representative of Koran healthy cuisine. It is known to improve the circulatory system because of the garlic, vegetables and chilli as its main ingredients and contains a lot of vitamin C that is able to detoxify human body. Even Korean barbeque (gogigui; 고기구이) contain only 310 Calorie per serving since this is grilled in its own juices, no fatty oils are used.

For lucky Londoners, as healthy Korean restaurants are all around, you can try the most authentic Korean cuisine with passing all the fuzz flying overseas. Located in Fitzrovia, the long lasting top ranked Korean restaurant Koba truly lives up to its rank. From fluffy seafood pancake (Pajeon; 해물파전) stick with high quantity of seafood to tangy gummy stir fried glass noodles with beef (Japchae; 잡채), Koba serves each Korean dish at its best. Tasting such Korean delicacies in a chic minimalistic interior with a warmly smile on waiters, makes your Korean food experience just right.  Koba , 11 Rathbone Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1NA

Hailed as “little Seoul”, Kimchee is one of the largest and fashionable Korean restaurants in central Holborn. The restaurant that furnished with dark wooden tables partition with dark wood strips is extremely stylish and elegant. Whilst having the deliciously fruity sliced beef marinated (Bulgogi; 불고기), you can watch how the chefs grilling the sizzling meats in the kitchen through a gigantic glass. Also, you don’t want to miss the umami Korean beef tartare  (Yukhoe; 육회) there and “Honey Hestnut” or “Black Sesame” ice creams are the best to round off the meal. Kimchee, 71 HIGH HOLBORN LONDON WC1V 6EA

For a homier alternative, located in south-west London, family-run restaurant Cah Chi serves the best Korean food in the city-suburb. Once you walk in the buzzing restaurant and see their renowned colourful Bibimbap (비빔밥); or the bubbling kimchi jjigae (김치찌개); or the refresh Dup Bap (회덥밥), why not order them all since the price are unreasonably low? Cah Chi, 394 Garratt Lane, London, Greater London SW18 4HP

By Jennifer Chan



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