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Top 3 Bubble teas in London


It may be rather hard to fall in love at first sight when you come across bubble tea, after all the black balls at the bottom always scares people away. However, those intimidating black spheres are nothing but tapioca pearls. This sweet milky tea, which blend with tea, milk, sugar, and giant black tapioca pearls, provides a freshly sweetness and a chewy delight; it is more than meet the eyes.

Bubble tea appear in a varieties of colours offer a wide range of flavour; If you keen on sweetness, you can order lychee, strawberry, passion fruit and mango, and it would much likely to be in pastel of pink, green or yellow. Or you can stick with the original one if it looks too bizarre to you.

Not until recent years, bubble tea gained in popularity across the globe. Outside its original place Taiwan, the bubble tea craze is now spreading out from Asia to America, from America to Europe / East Europe, and be widely accepted. Most of which located in the worldwide biggest trend-setting cities such as New York and London.

Soaring in popularity, Bubbleology launched their first branch in the heart of Soho in April 2011. The shop showcase sets of scientific devices with colourful fruit teas steaming in the little test tubes in order to attempt the passers. The strategy of targeting younger age group and catering the innovative London’s image by offering diverse fruity flavours and colourful appearance, has been proved successful that within a year time they are now quickly branching to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Kuwait & UAE this year, continue to provide addictive teas. 49 Rupert Street London W1D 7PF

With a relatively unassuming appearance but virtually a bold marketing team hidden inside, another refreshing bubble tea chain Chaboba provides a more wild choice to adventurer. Instead of traditional and fruity flavour, you can experience what they called ‘crush bubble tea’, which is a mix with tapiocas with crush ice to make it more like a slushie or smoothie. 8 East Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AL

For those who prefer takeaway, look no further than Boba Jam in Leicester Square.  Behind the lovely purple façade it offers a bewildering array of flavoured mix options, tons of different tapiocas and jellies, alongside with varieties of deserts. 100-102 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5EE.

By Jennifer Chan



2 thoughts on “Top 3 Bubble teas in London

  1. I have never heard of Bubble tea, but I glad that I have. I walk through Soho regularly but have missed Bubbleology – you have given me something to look out for.

    Posted by maria dernikos | November 30, 2012, 12:43 pm

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