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Burger vs. Bun

Unsurprisingly, when burger and bun comes together it must be intimating a comparison between Western and Oriental diet. These two poles of East and West representative that hooked people up until nowadays reflects an ideologically of two integrally different diet habit – Wrapping and Stacking. Wrapping is a good way to knead contrast ingredients into a surprising and mysteries appearance that tempt costumer want to have a bite into. From Chinese jiaozis to Janpese Koroke, from Indian samosa to Vietnamese spring roll, the pristine of Oriental food was hidden in the filling. Eastern people yearn for the moment when the hot fillings bursting out from the tender dough skin, and slowly melt on the tongue.

Whilst Asian longs for the surprise in the bun, Western in turns craves in the texture of stacking. Like the typical burger and sandwich, most of the Western foods are rich in layers. For example Italian lasagne and tiramisu; French millefeuille and trifles, they all have highly texturizing impact and the pleasure of biting into the multi-layers convinces our palate that this is a satisfying feeling.

There is no judgment in which side of custom is better, nonetheless, they both common in the effectiveness on recycling left-over food. For instance, Leftover meat are often cut into small piece or mashed into meatloaf to stuff in a bun, that’s where pork bun came from. Hamburger also started off as leftover where it was filled with the remains of the Sunday roast. This works even on desserts when unappealing cake leftovers dipped in sweet wine and covered with coloured icing, it thus rebirth to a brand new lovely cake back on the table.

By Jennifer Chan



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