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Mini food to fill your massive desire

A completely coveting salivating pastries, certainly appetizing, but does it looks a bit too good to be real? Stop squinting because truly, it isn’t.

This lovely meal is a work from milky moca’s Kitchen, an Japanese Miniaturist, who has the skills to knead an entire dish that can be holding on your thumb. As well as the other food miniatures of hers, the tiny food models are sophisticated and highly emulated that can easily fool one’s eyes.

This meticulous and subtle craft art haven’t been paying enough attention since they are less functional, but definitely worth one. Miniature (or “scale” models) have existed for thousands of years and were hand-made until it became mass produced during industrial revolution, which in turn popularized the craft art internationally.

More than being a long last attraction of food that can fed your eyes without expire day, this craft art actually has a larger market beyond imagination; from accessories to souvenirs, from sample display in restaurant to even film industry.

Far in France, the famous Miniature and Cinema museum in Lyon allows visitors to peek into the movie production of which food miniature plays a big part in. In fact, many scenes in movie came from extremely detailed miniature model including bar, restaurant or glossary scene. None of them are bigger then 16” x 10”.

Food miniature therefore requires a great deal of time and a lot of patience as much as techniques. If you are interested in more fascinating work of art from milky moca’s Kitchen, please check out her blog:




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