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The best food for feet fetishes


Chicken feet may be unacceptable within Western diet as Western people often spooked by its repulsive and disturbing looks, it is however a delicacy for most Asian people especially Chinese. This staple can be found at every corner in China and served in every possible way: from steaming on a posh dining table, to shelved in an ice-cold snack package for eating on hands. Most commonly for hot dish, unprocessed chicken feet will be marinated in black bean soy sauce after deep fried or steamed, served with scallion and chilli. A cold alternative is a Thai-style spicy salad mixing boned chicken feet with chopped chilli, fish sauce, sugar, lemon juice and coriander leaves. To most Western people they may still sound unappetizing but Chinese love them all. As being the biggest consumer of by product of poultry such as head, ear, tripe, tail and offal, Chinese fancy chicken feet in the way of British love their crisp.

Until recently, UK has set about having a trade deal on exporting Chicken feet to China to make profit on this potential profitable by product in England since Chinese suppliers found themselves arduous to catch on the continuously rising demand, whilst 30 million chicken feet are discarded by British factories every week.

Craving for an adventurous texture experience of crunchy cartilage chicken feet? Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Yauatcha is a selectable one. The interior is desirably elegant and fashionable where east and west styles are interweaving to each other.

Princess Garden of Mayfair on Oxford Street is a rather low-key alternative. Background in its theme’s colour red, Princess Garden serves a wide range of authentic Hong Kong originated dim sum. It is a specious and cosy place providing even private rooms to accommodate different desires.

By Jennifer Chan



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