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London food market protest: Who says British don’t care about food?

ImageIt was a lovely Sunday afternoon when I was browsing around Spitalfields market with my friends, we found ourselves lost in the thriving food stalls and pop-up restaurants as they all look fascinating. At that moment I realized no matter how perfect your shopping plan was, you will end up eating around or trying out food in a food market instead of looking at clothes.  Just as Taiwan’s renowned night market, London’s food markets is a platform for interacting international gastronomy, exchanging food experience and popularize different cuisine.

Covering the entire London city, London real food markets brings together a wide range of selected traders with different type of cuisine on a site, where visitors can experience food from all around the world within a short walk. From tantalizing displays of exotic pastries and delicate delights to demonstrating and explaining each gastronomic by skilful chefs, it shows how British food market pays respect to food. Take a walk in the market then it may sweep away the impression of notorious British food culture in your mind.

There are 60% of all markets are located in inner London boroughs, reflecting a growing popularity of food market in recent years.  One of the must-go markets for food lovers arguably is Borough market, hailed as the best foodie market among all. Borough market stands out with their foods stalls of which specialise in produce imported from abroad; when you get confused with all the dazzling gourmet stalls among the crowds, just take sway with: the juicy hand-made Melton Mowbray pork pies from Mrs Kings Pork Pies; pork shoulder or lincoinshire banger white bap from Boston Sausage; and tapas made out of Spain-imported ingredients from Tapas Brindisa.

Another option of food market goes to Real Food Market at Southbank centre (right behind Royal Festival Hall), held weekly from Friday to Sunday. Once you are there don’t hesitate to check out the Jamon Jamon paella where you can totally spot it by its long queue. Among all the delicacies I must list out the delights in this market, including the mouth-watering Asian-style macaroons from on cafe. The exotic macaroons are in a variety of flavours including sesame, jasmine, green tea or charcoal; and the France staple churros in Churros Garcia, where they demonstrate the traditional way to produce churros to visitors.

By Jennifer Chan



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