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Food's Fact | 析飲析食篇

Food formula

ImageWhen you are eating sandwich, have you ever questioned why the ham and cheese can be neatly stacked on each other with toast bread?  You may not discover that every single ingredient is existing for one another in order to make it function. If you are paying attention, you will find traces laying around that every component are coordinating subtly. Like a pot should fit on a stove, the size of food have to be designed in harmony; and most of the time food shape happens to be a result of an adaptation to other food. For instance, round steak would not exist without crumpet, so as square smoked ham would not exist without toast bread. Sliced cheese invented in USA in 1950 is also based on the need to fit in between toasts.

Storage is another decisive factor in food forming. Butter brick, sugar cube or even meat dice are classic examples in which shaped food fit the best in fridge; not to mention the most controversial cube-shaped watermelon invented by a Japanese farmer in 2001, which could be easier to be packed and stored.

To adapt fast food culture, well-designed food lends the product added value. Round sausages are designed for adapting the bread and the size is just suitable for nowadays sausage rolls. In Europe countries, cold cuts fit perfectly in a roll or round breads and the appearance of them become more uniform and the cross section are standardized.

A piece of cake in triangular form represents a positive cultural connotation, which is why cheese in the market usually shaped in triangular form in order to take benefit of the positive effect of the shape of cake. A cake-shaped cheese not only promoting an impression of a traditional manufacturing process but also stating to be part of a cheese wheel to impress costumers psychologically.

By Jennifer Chan



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