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Daring dessert adventure


Many people winkle their nose at food with weird name or when the food is made out of organs. They sound weird to us simply because we’ve never came across them. To embolden our sense for food, let’s start with a rather appealing type of food – dessert.

Spotted Dick

Spotted dick is one of an example. Born with a rather unpleasant name, Spotted Dick however is a delicious suet pudding in which raisins and other dried fruits are mixed before cooking, usually served with custard. The raisin garnishes the spot butwhere the ‘Dick’ came from remains a mystery. For those who don’t mind ordering the dish in front of their lover can probably try it outatPorter’s English Restaurant on 17 Henrietta Street in Covent Garden. You will find the splendid Spotted Dick pudding in the dessert menu, saving the shock to your lover until the end of the meal.

Blood chocolate Pâté

Chocolate renowned as a mood-elevating and pleasure-inducing food but what if it slathered with pig gore?  It sound ridiculous but in fact it is a very palatable and healthy Calabrian dessert. Pig’s gore is high in Iron and it helps balance the tangy sweetness of the chocolate. This after-dinner sweet is no afterthought but memorable and mouth-watering. If you are daring to experience once, Italian restaurant Bocca Di Lupo on 12 Archer Street is renowned for its Blood chocolate delight and you may want to take it twice!

Kitty Litter Cake

Gross out by the name? The Kitty Litter Cake is more a delightful cake then meets the eye. It may physically be placed in a clean kitty litter pan, but the cake that tossed with cookie crumbles and based with pudding is arguably the most popular cake for Halloween. Not only does it look frighteningly realistic, it also tastes much better than it looks like. What’s not to like?

Indeed, these weird dissert are somehow sound or appear nauseously, but even for someone who is not a sweets lover will dig in too, once they give them a taste.

By Jennifer Chan



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