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British Full Breakfast v.s All American Breakfast

ImageEvery British fancy a sizzling fry-up full English breakfast in the morning, especially in a hangover one. Generally speaking, the components of a regular size full English breakfast include: two poached or scrambled eggs and grilled back bacons; one each of grilled sausage, hash brown, black pudding, mushroom and tomato; two spoons of baked beans and a toast. The meal is so irresistible not only when the runny egg yolk trickles down on a crunchy buttered toast, or the crispy back bacon still glittering with a oily coating; also because this British staple is a effective hangover cure.  The high protein and fat contained in the meaty fry-up provide a steadying ballast, whilst the eggs are pack with cysteine and amino acid that helps eliminate toxins.  Also the pork sausage and back bacons (traditional British cut of bacon) stuff your empty stomach after drinking and maintain satiety for half of the day.

American breakfast on the other hand is also competitive. Consisted oftwo eggs (fried or poached), sliced bacon or sausages, toast with jam/jelly/butter, pancakes/waffles with syrup/cream, cornflakes or other cereal. In terms of the texture, American bacon is crispier in comparison to British one. It may due to the size of back bacon in England which is bigger than American one, while American bacon used to be thinner to fry up to a crispy texture. Sausage in US tends to be more plastic-taste then the British swelling sausage; as for the US-style harsh brown there are always onion included which enrich the fantastic taste.  The best part goes to the puffing pancake. As American love mixing savoury and sweet together, their blueberry and chocolate pancake served with syrup and bacon may light up the whole day.

Where to experience both in London?

English full breakfast:

Dean Street Townhouse, 69-71 Dean Street, Soho – If you are looking for spending a classy Sunday morning with a perfectly grilled fry-up in the heart of London, this grand setting chic restaurant as part of its mother hotel is a fantastic choice. Their choices of breakfast alone cover almost everything you can think of, you can enjoy both of the delicious meal under the striking chandeliers.

Bill’s,  28 St Martin’s Courtyard, Covent Garden – Branching into London last year, this lovely café provides a homey and rustic atmosphere for customers to enjoy the mouthwatering breakfast and brunch for the whole week in a relatively lower price.

All American Breakfast:

The Breakfast Club, 33 D’Arblay Street – This is definitely a nice choice for a satisfying All American Breakfast.  Serving big portion just like authentic American dish, this club arguably be the most American-style restaurant in London where you can have the tasty breakfast within an American-style interior.

The Table Cafe, 83 Southwark Street, Soho – For a perfect American breakfast experience you should look no further than The Table Cafe. They serve pancake with bacon and syrup and there’s blueberry waffles offering too.

By Jennifer Chan



2 thoughts on “British Full Breakfast v.s All American Breakfast

  1. I am definitely part of the British full breakfast team : )

    Posted by Raphaelle | November 28, 2012, 1:57 pm

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